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Steps to becoming a Foster/Adoptive Parent

We are excited to have you become a member of the HOS Family. There is a constant need for more adoptive and foster families to care for children who need care in our community. Below is a list of the six steps you will take on your journey to become a Foster/ Adoptive parent.

Step 1: Contact HOS Family Services


Give us a call at 682-252-2443. You will speak with one of our dedicated team members who will be happy to answer any initial questions you may have. They will set up an appointment for you to come in for further discussion.

Step 2: Introduction & Orientation

At this meeting our team will help you as you take off on this new journey. We encourage you to attend a HOS Introduction and Orientation as a first step. You are also able to submit completed application form during this meeting.


Step 3: Complete & Submit an Application

You can complete and submit an application form and background check forms online or drop it by the office if you did not submit it during the orientation. Email completed forms to We may need to follow up with you for some additional information if necessary.

Download Application here

Download Background Check Form here

Step 4: Pre-Service Training & Documentation Packet

Our team will assist you with all the information you will need in this step. They will assist you in registering to participate in a series of classes that you need to be a licensed foster parent. We will also help you as you work to complete and submit the HOS documentation Packet. 

Download Documentation Packet here


Download Training Log here

Step 5: Home study

Once you have completed most of the training and paperwork, one of our home assessors will schedule a day to come to your home to meet face to face with your family and complete your Home study interviews covering a range of topics including personalities, family interests, inspirations and goals. We will interview all household members ages 3 and older individually, all family members together as a unit, and finally, the married couple will be interviewed together. We will compile all your information into a document called a Home Study.


Step 6: Verification and Licensure

When all the steps have been successfully completed, we will verify your family and issue a license. A Case Manager will be assigned to support your family. They will be your primary contact with HOS Family Services. At this time, we will begin the process of seeking to match children who need a home with family environment that you are able to provide.


Give us a call today a


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